22 JunWe sometimes face many challenges in finding out any particular area or destination.

Its individuals represent a complex mixture of all types of tumors, including pediatric situations and a large proportion of breast cancer patients. The department aims to become recognized Centre of Excellence in image-guided radiotherapy for the spot within 2 yrs. RapidArc technology allows clinicians to deliver a highly-specific image-guided intensity-modulated radiotherapy treatment in less than a couple of revolutions of the procedure machine around the patient, much faster than is possible with regular IMRT.It boasts of anti-inflammatory properties that lessen itching that happens due to bug bites and rashes. 3. Remedy for skin infections Suffering from ringworm? Consume garlic. This amazing herb consists of a chemical substance called ajoene that help prevent and treat fungal skin infections such as ringworm and athlete’s foot. 4. Lowers cholesterol This pungent smelling herb is extremely beneficial for people experiencing high cholesterol problems and high blood pressure. Taking garlic helps reduce diastolic blood pressure, improve blood lipid levels, and improve bloodstream antioxidant potential.