28 SepVivex Biomedical.

Akron collaborates with Vivex Biomedical on use of next-generation line of cryopreservation media Akron is pleased to announce that it secured a strategic collaboration with Vivex Biomedical, Inc levitra dosage . Vivex Biomedical, Inc., from Marietta, GA, designs and develops innovative biologic items for regenerative medication applications. Tracy Anderson, Vivex CEO, speaks to the imperative, Vivex underscores its commitment to patient care in the confidence that only the best quality products become therapeutic choices. Our collaboration with Akron Biotech meets those criteria of excellence.

Akron Children’s Within3 site allows providers throughout northeast Ohio to consult and collaborate with a healthcare facility system’s specialists in a secure, on the web environment with respect to their sufferers. ‘Because Akron Children’s cares for more than half a million patients each year, we’re always looking for innovative methods to make access to our services more efficient and effective,’ said Norman Christopher, MD, seat of the Section of Pediatrics at Akron Children’s Hospital. ‘We know our professionals are on the cutting-edge of a few of the latest remedies and it’s essential for us to make sure our community suppliers have quick and easy usage of this data.’ The online community will strengthen communications between Akron Children’s professionals and its own referring physicians, along with provide quick access to interactive equipment that enable posting and discussion of the most recent pediatric clinical advancements, study, news and other details.