26 DecThis work was supported by grants supported of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care read more.

This work was supported by grants supported of Johnson and Johnson Vision Care, and Sjogren’s Syndrome Foundation read more .Founded in 1824, is the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary , an independent specialty hospital, the care for patients with diseases of the eye, head and neck. MEEI is an international leader in Ophthalmology and ENT research and a teaching partner of Harvard Medical School.

Archives of Ophthalmology.Beneficial In Treatment for dry eye syndrome – Research conducted by Massachusetts Eye irritated. Ear Infirmary Cornea Service Director and Harvard Medical School Professor Reza Dana, and colleagues at the Schepens Eye Research. Institute have for the first time that the topical application of the drops alpha linolenic acid found out in a significant decrease in clinical symptoms of dry eye syndrome in animal models. ALA is a fatty acid that can not be manufactured by the body and must be supplied in the diet. The study is published in the February 2008 issue of Archives of Ophthalmology.


Though healthcare civil servants Malaysian recorded fewer new HIV / cases of AIDS in this year, more women are live with the disease the Ministry for Health the Ministry of Health start formation focused aiming taskforce enhance prevention at women in the country, to New Straits Times is reporting (Yeow, New Straits Times, the Task Force is on the implementation mechanisms and strategies which world Health Organization the World Health Organization, women about HIV / AIDS ‘intensified ‘to educate with focus on prevention of, Bernama Every day Malaysian News is reporting concentrate. Create the Ministry the efforts of to raise awareness female of contraception and safer sex practices by Minister of Health Datuk Liow Tiong Lai (Bernama Every day Malaysian News, recognized that some actions to Task Force will be implementing, said distribution of no-cost condom use in prostitutes and HIV testing for Honeymooners before the marriage Lai. ‘the Health Ministry strongly recommends that you pairs go for screening tests before the wedding ‘(New Straits Times, 4549 accounted for 16.3 percent of the 80,938 new reported HIV cases in Malaysia over the last year, and Lai than of the trends ‘an increasing concern ‘(Bernama Daily Malaysian News, According to the in the Ministry of Health data, 75 percent of new cases of women women aged 20 to occured occurred, and 60 percent of women been married (New Straits Times, also contract 70 percent of women living with HIV , the disease through heterosexual contacts (Bernama Daily Malaysian News, – months ago In the past nine were 2,589 new HIV diagnoses in the country as compared with a 4,549 new cases of in the past year. Reports Lai said where the reduction continue, in Malaysia are his ahead of schedule towards meeting the HIV / AIDS goals in United Nations Millennium Development Goals (new Straits Times. Unite was formed by a merger of Amicus and the Transport and General Workers ‘ Union in May 2007.