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This analysis, along with a number of considerations of human genetics, argues that the fate of the Neandertals could be absorbed into modern human groups, it is also equally important that the behavioral differences between the groups were small, they saw each other as. Socially equal. ###Contact:. Erik Trinkaus, Washington University in St.

‘Early modern Europeans reflect both their predominant African early modern humans ‘ ancestry and a substantial degree of admixture between those early modern humans and the indigenous Neanderthals.. In an article in the 23rd week of April in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Trinkaus has brought together the available data, which shows that early modern humans did exhibit evidence Neandertal traits. ‘all all of the well dated and diagnostic early modern European fossils, there is a persistent presence of anatomical features, were small, the Neanderthals but absent from the earlier African modern humans were, ‘said Trinkaus.Gerade jetzt, STEC Bakterien Potter – Er von SchuF Eigentlich diesen Impfstoff auf Waden Eigene.

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