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Counseling is also the entrepreneur John Tipping, which was a troublemaker known at school, but who has now written an autobiography about his life with dyslexia and the strategies he has developed for his life be given a success. ‘I like to say every occasion, whatever the disability you reach more and more than you take than you take. Workshops help people like this to go further. ‘.The report noted fact that seven G8 countries – Britain, France, Germany, Italian, of 2007 are assistance to Africa grew by less than one half of the amount needed to achieve the goal set Gleneagles, which Times reported. The report also stated that Japan and Great Britain are Need help of 62 percent and 40 percent, since 2004 to in the right direction order his to reach the target. ,, Italian told a ‘special crisis of credibility, ‘DATA. The report showed particular, where adjusted for debt forgiveness and inflation has, French was assistance to the continent fell by 1 percent since 2004, Germany in allowance was increased 2 percent and Italy has declined by 30 percent.

Most countries in in the Group of Eight industrialized nations have doubling behind the promise of of the the 2005 G8 Summit Gleneagles, Scotland, Gleneagles, Scotland, aid for Africa to 2010 like, according to a report released on the Tuesday by the advocacy group DATA, which New York Times reported . G8 close to near Gleneagles Summit, the immediate doubling aid for African to $ 50 billion annually to fight poverty and disease on the continent. The communique included an agreement to the universal access to HIV / AIDS treatment, (according to the UK Prime Minister Mr Blair Kaiser Daily HIV / AIDS Reports..