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The committee also plans to investigate whether CDC retaliated against Atlanta scientist Christopher De Rosa, after he looked at the risks of the public.. Probe oppressed in whether CDC information on long-term cancer risks Of FEMA trailersIn a letter to CDC Director Julie Gerberding on Wednesday, the three members of the House Committee on Science and Technology, the panel starts an investigation disturbing allegations that agency officials important information on the potential cancer risks associated with housing trailers to Gulf Coast residents after Hurricane Katrina, the denied Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The Committee will examine the CDC found may be intentionally delayed or avoided examining the long-term cancer threat posed by formaldehyde fumes in trailers from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, bought by residents after the August 2005 hurricane. FEMA originally said that the trailers were safe for use with adequate ventilation.– adopting of all EN Baumwolle rose to 93 % in 2010. .

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