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The grant can help fund the exclusive Leadership Executive Academic Development curriculum supplied to medical occupants in All Children's Medical center Johns Hopkins Medicine pediatric residency program. LEAD is a two-week program focused on transforming the occupants from pediatric doctors to pediatric physician leaders. We admire All Children's thoughtful and innovative method of residency training, and look forward to these doctors' inspired service with their patients and the health care field in the entire years ahead, said Mason Granger, director of grants at The Hearst Foundations.Two of the research analyzed the incidence of nevirapine-associated resistance using laboratory tests more sensitive than regular genotypic assays. In the first, researchers led by Jeffrey A. Johnson, PhD, of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, used a new, very sensitive strategy to detect resistance mutations in samples of HIV-1 obtained from 50 South African females before and after treatment with single-dose nevirapine. Using a less-sensitive standard technique called sequence analysis, experts had previously estimated that viral resistance to nevirapine emerged in around 40 % of women after getting the single-dose therapy.