31 JanThe researchers used the Controlled Adverse Environment model.

Acute eye drying conditions in the in the CAE by appropriate exposure times and requiring subjects to perform a visual task such as reading or working on a computer.. The researchers used the Controlled Adverse Environment model, a proprietary state-of – the-art model for conducting ocular dryness trials, the dryness while wearing contact lenses examined. Typically, in clinical trials studying ocular dryness installed which CAE will dryness exacerbated symptoms in a reproducible and controlled manner by closely regulating humidity, temperature, air flow, lighting and visual tasking.

New research suggests that a new silicone hydrogel material could help contact lens wearers from discarding their contacts due to discomfort feelings feelings of dryness, the most commonly reported reason people discontinue use of contact lenses. The results appear in the current issue of Current Medical Research and Opinion.Of With kind permission you can view the entire Kaiser Daily Health policy coverage search in archives and sign up for email service at the Emperor Daily Health policy coverage from press for imperial network. A free service of of The Henry J. Published. Kaiser Family Foundation.