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Centers for Disease Control , could be a model for obstetrics / gynecology clinics throughout the country much-needed much-needed vaccinations eligible adults. – ‘OB / GYNs not usually think of themselves as vaccinators,’says Geeta Swamy, Director of Obstetrics Clinical Research at Duke, of results today at the CDC National Immunization Conference in Atlanta. ‘Even though we vaccinate pregnant women against a variety of diseases for which are screened during pregnancy of we still tend, of vaccinations as happening at the offices of pediatricians increased think vaccination rate But many women seek medical care from their gynecologists, even if they have children.

To improve the vaccine in women, OB / GYN offices may offer ideal venueobstetrician / gynecologist offices may be the ideal place to be for promoting vaccination rates among women, say researchers at the Duke University Medical Center. They reported on a successful pilot program on the provision of HPV and Tdap vaccines focuses not pregnant and post-partum women.To date, but positive children children who live with Examines shortage of health laborers HIV+ children in Lesotho have treatment of Having.

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