04 JulThe mission of SEPA has become more important since the program began in 1991.

The U.S. Department of Education’s 2000 National Assessment of Educational Progress found that only 3 % of African Americans and 7 % of Hispanics in 12th or has knowledge of science generated from the Class and students remain underrepresented with immigrant backgrounds in engineering and science undergraduate programs.. The mission of SEPA has become more important since the program began in 1991, as the representation of minorities in science education has dropped.

SEPA grants support two phases of science education projects in Phase I, is developing the partnership and evaluates biomedical and / or behavioral science classes are models. Based on health-related research. In Phase II, the partnership developed effective strategies and broadly disseminated established, successful and innovative biomedical and / or behavioral science teaching models. In Phase II, The partnership must also for the continuation of the project plan, if SEPA. Support ends There are 75 active SEPA projects, including 60 K-12 school projects and 15 in science centers and museums.– We are pleased to QuickVue RSV qualification test will run to help on a larger scale be available of doctors, and guide patients management decisions to few of the most delicate patients any aid babies and toddlers with a QuickVue test. On a few the most frequent respiratory diseases such as influenza, Strep A , and RSV will s Technical in order doctors and nurses with a family of rapid diagnostic tests , which have a proven clinical value of, is a prime example ways our Quidel and Quidel worth Build continues to expand our customer base our customer base, said Caren Mason, President and CEO Quidel Corporation..