27 OctThe main treatments today consist of eye drops.

Glaucoma is one leading cause of blindness and currently affects approximately 90 million patients worldwide with the disease. The main treatments today consist of eye drops, which is not use use for patients regularly , thereby increasing compliance challenges. A market a market is systemic, orally administered drug such as CF101. The market today is $ 5.5 billion and is estimated $ 8.4 billion $ 8.4 billion in 2012.

Can – Fite announced recently that Plexus Ventures, a global pharmaceutical business development consultancy are maintained, in order to identify a partner with the necessary expertise and the appropriate organization of the clinical development and commercialization CF101 supports in the United States support, Europe and other markets. CF101 is already licensed in Japan and South Korea.While not been not been proven to reduce a person’s risk from blast furnace, this is to a lack of research rather than the existence of studies nutrition proving invalid. It would be sensible, not many foods high in purines, as red meat, seafood and flesh organs of consume it. Reduce your consumption of alcoholic drinks may be also be beneficial. Some people saying you longer more low-fat dairy products, while others mention a good intake of wholegrain bread. When you drink plenty water you could to thin which amount of uric acid in your blood, some say. Written From Christian Nordquist Copyright by Medical News Today.

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