28 DecThe ECA is Cigarette Association has already established best standard marketing practices.

ECA – president said that pleased the industry group itself that judge Leon this clear distinction in its judgment recognized yesterday. The ECA is Cigarette Association has already established best – standard marketing practices, and we call on the rest of the industry continues to implement these standards, said Salmon. This includes an obligation adjustment adjustment or health claims in marketing materials and do not to sell the product to minors as defined by state law. The ECA is promoting legislation in Congress that the States are required to. Sales of electronic cigarettes, the ban under the legal smoking age.. Salmon emphasized that the ECA has never regulation that sets standards for electronic cigarettes accordingly opposed.

Salmon said the industry would continue to take responsible steps to marketing its products for what they are, alternatives to combustible tobacco. We applaud Judge Leon for his decision yesterday and for helping open doors for committed adult smokers seeking an alternative to combustible tobacco We look forward to the future of these products as alternatives to the traditional combustible tobacco, concluded Salmon.‘. Medicare Advantage has its roots in the 1970s, but was in 2003, in the hope that private companies Medicare patients more efficiently succeed. Critics, including Obama say the plans offer lower premiums from the Henry J. Insurance policies subsidized by the taxpayers reinforced a rate of 14 % each patient as normal Medicare. Nonpartisan nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office tells removal of inequality would storing about $ 150,000 over 10 years long ‘(Fritz.

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