08 SepSome vaccines caused a false positive rate of over 86 %.

Some vaccines caused a false positive rate of over 86 %.HIV testing are missing credibilityWhat this new study clearly demonstrates is the complete lack of scientific credibility of common HIV test. It also shows the danger ever vaccinated against HIV, because the mere act of receiving an HIV vaccine can cause you to HIV positive, which in turn can test serious impact serious repercussions in your life:.

The AIDS industry works in the same way. An HIV vaccine an HIV vaccine, are are going to test it, that an HIV – positive carriers, and you will be a ‘AIDS patients ‘, your life savings spend unnecessary medications and other expensive treatments for a disease that you can not become! – The psychiatric industry works the same so: It’s actually invent fictitious diseases like ‘oppositional defiant disorder’ and then tries to tested for HIV, dress mind-altering psychiatric drugs to ‘treat’this disease.The Bill Melinda Gates Foundation financed commitment U.S. $ on pilot projects across 10 countries in Africa, and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation is committed U.S. $ 9 support to pilot schemes in seven different countries. The Belgian government wore $ 750,000 to the project at DRC. Three other countries in have not finance.