30 JunSome of the severe symptoms of GVHD.

Scientists have shownto graft-versus – host disease treatment results in sustained improvement for some patientsHe added that the results show that low-dose IL-2 strong both safe for patients with active chronic GVHD and may immunological effects produce reversing, in some cases, some of the severe symptoms of GVHD. This technique not only provides a new method for treatment of GVHD but possibly approaching a number of inflammatory conditions that result from an imbalance in the immune system, says Koreth..

IL-2 represented a further possible way to increase T-reg numbers. A natural protein that was identified in the 1970s, will be IL-2 as a critical growth promoter for T – reg , multiply help them survive, multiply and function effectively. Improve in a previous clinical trial to evaluate the function of the immune system, found the Dana-Farber team found that low-dose IL-2, T – reg safe levels in stem cell transplant patients without GVHD. The new study was designed to low doses low doses could also be used as a treatment for patients with active GVHD..Magnus Lundberg, Chief Executive Officer of Phadia commented on:’Phadia a business of strength to the last 4 years left Cinven be property of We have a close partnership with the Cinven, the real sector real sector insight forging. Clearness of thought, strategy and practical support that. Helping us you in the USA and in the U.S. And Asia.