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A free service of The Henry J. Releases. Kaiser Family Foundation.. Should ensure should ensure state Medicaid, SCHIP programs have adequate funding during economic downturns editorial states The troubled economy could soon become a major financial crisis for the state Medicaid and children’s health programs that would only by the Bush administration be exacerbated efforts, these programs to shorten, a New York Times editorial. The Times noted that a new analysis from the Kaiser Family Foundation ‘s Commission on Medicaid and insured, conducted by the Urban Institute , projected that each %age point rise in the unemployment will Medicaid and SCHIP enrollment increase by a million people and an additional 1.1 million were uninsured as employer-sponsored employer-sponsored coverage. As a result of the current economic crisis many countries will little choice other, as their Medicaid and children’s health programs shrink, the Times, adding, that have at least 13 states already proposed cuts in programs.

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