12 FebSecretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs.

John Scocos, secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs, said: ‘do not understand a lot of veterans of all eras and know their benefits. ‘Lynch, a Lynch, a veterans service officer in Valparaiso, Indiana, that a lot of veterans ‘put down the green suit and that’s it ‘, and then decades later, many develop health issues and ‘ask what help be entitled be entitled. ‘Long gaps records detailing difficult to find records detailing injuries and illness during a Veterans Service, said Lynch.

Thirty states County Veterans Service Officers, veterans with information and assist them in filling out paperwork, and the other states have state or regional officers. Scocos said outreach grants to state institutions from the federal VA could help the problem. Legislation pending in the Senate would a separate budget for the VA range, and the House has approved a similar measure. VA spokesman Matt Smith said: VA leads a very active public relations efforts recently returning veterans (Keen, USA Today.Last Five From The Journal of the National Cancer Institute, 23* Products: Eleni Lino* Editorial: the National Cancer Institute Press Agency.

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