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Cartilage can be in a permanent condition of low oxygen tension in the physical body, so this tissue isn’t perfused. Even better results can be achieved by merging the stem cells with a small number of chondrocytes . As a result the stem cells not merely differentiate more into chondrocytes readily, they also stimulate the chondrocytes to create a better elastic matrix, as the correct proteins are produced. An individual procedure Georgi expects that it will eventually be possible to correct cartilage in one operation by taking the required stem cells from the bone marrow, combining them with chondrocytes and replacing the cell mixture in your body straight away.Problems with sexual function had been higher in the mixed treatment group: 27 percent versus 19.4 percent. Prof Bolla will conclude: ‘These results display that, in guys with localised prostate malignancy that is vulnerable to recurring and spreading, the addition of half a year of hormonal treatment to radiotherapy increases the time these males survive without their disease progressing. It is important to ensure that the radiation treatment is definitely of the greatest quality; further clinical research is required to optimise radiation techniques also to find new hormonal treatments.’ Professor Vincenzo Valentini, president of ESTRO and a radiation oncologist at the Policlinico Universitario A.