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~ Columbus Dispatch: study found that study found that an experimental abstinence-only to delay to delay effective sex between Sixth sex education and seventh-graders should not be taken as the final word, but it suggests that those who are vehemently opposed abstinence only – only – as dogmatic as dogmatic as the people that children are offered absolutely no information in school about contraception insist a Dispatch editorial says. Results of the study should further research and the U.S propecianorge.eu . should this problem of his current moral, political and religious political and religious zeal, and to give children the sex education the works: a program that would cut teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases and to reduce the social pressure on young people to become sexually active, the editorial continues An important finding of the study is one. consideration that each disregards in bickering: different types of programs might work better in children of different ages and backgrounds, the editorial says (Columbus Dispatch.

~ Detroit Free Press: As the teen birth rate continues rise in the Detroit area,’it is the schools do a better job to do to do sex education and, equally important, to make the switch a few goals that will help young people , ‘a, ‘a Free Press editorial says. According to the editors were as many as 25 percent of births from 2004 to 2007 to minors. Aged 19 or younger in some areas of Detroit schools are the ‘obvious place age-appropriate sex education to offer, starting in primary schools to both boys and girls,’the editorial, adding: ‘Yes, sex education should be abstinence emphasize first it is a realistic and effective efforts must also teach such as pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases ‘ to prevent.

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