30 JanPluristem s first product in development buy levitra online cheap.

Pluristem ‘s first product in development, PLX-PAD to the quality of life of millions of people suffering from critical limb ischemia , an end stage of peripheral arterial disease improve buy levitra online cheap . The company’s products under development also PLX – IBD, targeting Inflammatory Bowel Disease , PLX – MS, suffering sclerosis; PLX-BMT, targeting the global shortage of matched tissue for bone marrow transplantation by improving the transplantation of hematopoietic stem cells contained in umbilical cord blood, and PLX – STROKE, targeting ischemic stroke.

Edwin M. Horwitz, Director of Cell Therapy in Department of Oncology / Blood & Marrow Transplantation at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, an internationally recognized authority on mesenchymal stromal cells, and the Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Pluristem Board, said: this is an exciting time for Pluristem success of this effort for the first time an adult stem cell In the U.S.rom the placenta and grown with the company PluriX 3D technology, has been safely administered to humans mean this will be an important. Progress in cell therapy and position Pluristem as an international leader in this area. .

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