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Salmonella in King Nut Peanut Butter In Connecticut Found – Genetically games the load in the Nationwide Disease Outbreak AssociatedCommissioner Jerry Farrell, announced that genetic testing found in the 5 – lb unopened tub King Nut peanut butter through food inspectors last week in a West Haven distributor produced the first independently confirmed genetic match for the salmonella strain responsible for a nationwide outbreak. This finding connects definitely back the peanut butter sample in the recent outbreak of the manufacturer, Peanut Corporation of America participated. – Our work was in support of the U Zithromax billig online .S. Food and Drug Administration instrumental track and isolate the source of the tainted product that has been on the deaths of several people and illness brought associated hundreds, said Farrell. Thanks to the fine joint efforts between our food safety program and the Department of Public Health, this can be deadly eruption soon be contained. – So far, Connecticut King Nut peanut butter specimen the only intact sample only to food was treated with a PFGE corresponding to the outbreak strain , as determined by clinical sample analysis is found, Roberta F. Compliance Director wrote to the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, a communication today Commissioner Farrell. It is therefore to spread the message to spread this message, she concluded.

Peanut Corporation of America sold King Nut peanut butter – by various distributors – only to food from the industry.processor accounts. It is not sold directly to consumers. King Nut does not supply any the ingredients for the peanut butter distributed under its label. We have received information sharing and lead recall effectiveness checks, Farrell said. While the recalled peanut butter itself is not sold at retail, I strongly emphasize the FDA advised that consumers eat cookies, ice cream and other products with peanut butter until the full extent of this outbreak can be determined to avoid. : – FDA has posted on its website a searchable list of products and brands with the expanded PCA recall associated at. The list will be updated as additional sub – recalls occur and obtained as more information from the industry. Consumers are invited to learn first visit FDA’s website, which is commercially prepared or manufactured peanut butter are / peanut paste – containing products affected by the recall. If consumers can not find, promptly with antibiotics. Certain prepared product contains peanut butter or peanut paste from the Peanut Corporation of America, calls the FDA that they do not consume these products.

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