30 JanOriginal publication : Annalisa Buffo http://tadalafilgroup.com.

###Original publication : Annalisa Buffo, Inmaculada Rite, Pratibha Tripathi, Alexandra Lepier, Dilek Colak, Ana – Horn Horn, Tetsuji Mori and Magdalena G tz: origin and progeny of reactive gliosis: a? of of multi – potent cells in the injured brain, PNAS published February 25 2008 http://tadalafilgroup.com .1073 / pnas.0709002105 .

This was the ground-breaking proof that in an injured area of the brain, adult neural stem cells exist source of new nerve later serve as a source of new nerve cells. In their study group, the stem cell expert, Magdalena G tz, studied the molecular basis of brain development, especially in the cerebral cortex. Tz pointed in earlier investigations long-term goaltem cells of the brain cells from glial cells cells from glial cells. She also pointed out which factors. Play a role in cross-over play from glial to neuronal cells these results, the these results, the long-term goal is able to use the processes therapeutically is a little closer, said G.

This research was through NIH, of the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children ‘s Health, which Damon Runyon Cancer Foundation, to the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, said Human Frontiers Science Program, to the European Molecular Biology Organization, the Fonds support de for Scientific Research, the Leon Fredericq Stiftung and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.