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And I said that’s B.S. Where’d you obtain that from? It was a complete fraud and scam. It had been a fundraising ploy, says Dr Joe Sonnabend. Nonetheless it was so efficient that it led to a Lifestyle Magazine cover which stated ‘No one is safe from AIDS.’. Once he released this scare, the amount of money started to stream. It really did. Brent Leung, director of the House of Numbers film, asks Dr Sonnabend then, Isn’t that ethically incorrect to scare an entire human population? What do you consider? answers Dr Sonnabend. Your home is in this globe you know that’s just what they do.The Whole Foods overhead adds a lot of cost to the ultimate price, and that money isn’t going to the vendor. Today, you could reasonably argue that Whole Foods is providing a nice shopping environment, with clean make aisles, and good signage , and an excellent selection. Yes, all those things are true. It costs cash for the building, the inventory, the employees and the parking lot even. But for someone only wanting the best worth in great nutrition, they don’t need all that stuff.