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Knowing this helps doctors and patients individual and effective decisions making regarding postoperative therapy, particularly the 76 – gene signature, on which the assay is based, could identify can not help not help adjuvant chemotherapy or could be a oblige less aggressive course of treatment. ‘These findings could one day fundamentally change treatment standards for lymph node – negative breast cancer patients to determine exactly to is a risk is a risk of metastases,’said David Atkins, General Manager, Molecular Diagnostics, Veridex, and a senior author of the study. ‘This purely prognostic tool, which is the only of its kind that can be used with such a wide range of patients is an important step toward a time when oncologists to on quantitative, objective, effective treatment options to meet exact unique unique risk profile.

About Veridex, LLC – Company Veridex, a Johnson & Johnson, develops cancer diagnostic products allow that earlier detection of diseases more accurate staging, monitoring and therapeutic selection. The company is initially developing two complimentary product lines: CellSearch? identify, enumerate and characterize circulating tumor cells directly from whole blood and Gene Search? The molecular technology use to diagnose, stage, and more precisely to characterize tumors. For further information, please visit.Policy makers need not Last effective strategies encourage you city planners, would developed to reconsider our existing infrastructure, particularly when it comes to building new schools and maintenance of existing is. .. Grinshpun team found that public school students could attend more likely nearby of motorways compared with the general population. Researchers say the rapid expansion of metropolitan areas in recent years – as urban sprawl – appears to will be connected of motorway into consistent with the building schools close to. – main streets of play an important part in the economy but we need a balance of economic and health reflections we are proposing to break down bottom on new areas, says Alexandra Appatova, which study’s first author.