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The individuals in the ASTRONAUT research were a different population completely, explained Dr. Gheorghiade. He further observed that the ASTRONAUT research did not reproduce the design of clinical outcomes observed in ALTITUDE, and specifically, aliskiren-treated patients in ASTRONAUT experienced a lesser risk of stroke compared to the placebo group. Dr. Gheorghiade recommended that additional research be done among non-diabetic patients with heart failure to find whether renin inhibition can even now deliver positive results..Millennials admit smartphones are sapping their happinessAdults age group 30 and older, nevertheless, have seen a five-%age-point drop, from 38 % in the first 1970s to 33 % today. The findings – which are from University of Chicago’s longstanding General Public Survey and the University of Michigan’s Monitoring the Future survey – ring accurate for Emily Valdez, a 49-year-old mother in Seattle. I thought that life would be simpler, she says. My parents’ marriage, kids, child-rearing. Just seemed – but still seems to them – much less fraught with indecision, second-guessing and perhaps just less insecurity. Some say the onslaught of details at our fingertips every complete day is one element making us experience overwhelmed.