24 FebMinneapolis Star Tribune: Barr wish plan B plan B without a prescription.

‘FDA should ‘quickly realize want to ban the financial motivation behind the push for the approval ‘and ‘ado, ‘Tolck closes (Tolck, Minneapolis Star Tribune.. Jo Tolck, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Barr wish plan B plan B without a prescription, J ‘just a money making scheme that uses all our bags and in many cases fills no particular medical needs, managing director of Human Life Alliance, in a Tribune opinion writing pieces. The Planned Parenthood Federation of America would at least 100 million dollars in profit over to do the next five years if plan B were approved, and Barr would probably sell the drug in pharmacies for at least twice the amount they sold the contraceptive PPFA, writes Tolck added that ‘ ‘public gets the inflated tab.

Philadelphia Inquirer: FDA ‘dithering is another proof that’the Bush ‘ ‘aligned with the right to birth control, ‘an Inquirer editorial says. Congress should call Crawford ‘on the carpet ‘and enter the Access to Legal Pharmaceuticals Act, which would ‘ensure that from from their pharmacy the drug of their doctors prescribed, including birth control, ‘The Editorial concludes .The exposure most scientists are concerned, being that H5N1 avian influenza virus. It is a deadly, following dozens of people killing into all of Southeast Asia. This specific pedigree if to create there and was to an of man-to-human communicable virus were able to take through one of the worst the global influenza pandemics these planet has ever seen. In If the virus is was development in this way, experts say, it is likely that there in this is swine. Humans would then catch the designed bird flu virus from pigs and then give them of other people..

A few days ago scientists found infects pig in Indonesia with the H5N1 strain.

Indonesia has just been confirmed its first case from a human with bird flu . Follow up working in a chicken farm. Other researchers say that it is too early to to be certain, as the false positives occured at – – we should wait for a bit to the results of the follow-up Reviews.