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2. Keloid scars. Just like the hypertrophic scars, these as well are enlarged scars. Nevertheless, unlike the above-mentioned marks, these scars go beyond the boundaries of the initial wound. It is company and rubbery to the touch and may itch sometimes. Loss of skin tissues. These are actually even more common compared to the acne scars because of increased skin tissues. 1. Acne spots. They are characterized as flat discoloration. Common shades for acne areas are brown and reddish colored. They slowly disappear by themselves but patients could also use topical products. 2. Ice-choose lesions. Another term because of this is the pitted scars.On the other hand, males who reported being highly mistrustful of the medical system were more than twice as likely to delay schedule check-ups and cholesterol screenings and 3 x much more likely to delay having their blood pressure checked by a physician or health-treatment professional than men who were less mistrustful. Related StoriesHDL not so good in protecting females against atherosclerosis, study showsRepatha injection gets FDA acceptance for high cholesterolSt. Michael's Hospital study finds that cholesterol-reducing diet plan also lowers blood pressure’What we found is that mistrust of the medical system accounts for delays in using healthcare, especially among older African-American men,’ Hammond said.