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Harassment of Dr. ‘ including 24-hour monitoring, separation from his phone and Internet service, and hearing from visitors. After writing an article criticizing recent Vietnamese government claims that it is the freedom the information in Vietnam, he was once again arrested March 2003.

The award has been bestowed on such imminent scientists Chinese dissident Fang Li Zhi, Russian Nuclear Engineer Alexander Nikitin, and Cuban Economist Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello. – In his struggle for human rights and the freedom of speech, Que showed the virtues of our first winner Andre Sakharov example, said Nobel laureate Torsten Wiesel, President of the Academy Board of Governors. The Academy is proud to join the Que list of more than 25 model citizens of the world, this award. this award. .. Pagels AwardThe Academy first human rights award was given in 1979 to Russian physicist Andrei Sakharov.But some think there are other ways baby the baby and increase its developing immune system of before it is born.

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