29 AprGrassley said in a statement.

Grassley said in a statement, found ‘documents the significant and potentially life-threatening defects physician-owned specialty hospitals, when it comes to emergency services ‘and added, ‘take Congress must take measures to reduce the trend before the situation is irreversible ‘(Lee, Washington Post.

Physician-owned specialty hospitals are ill-equipped emergency care, emergency care, according to HHS Office of Inspector General report on Thursday, the Washington Post reports, published. HHS Inspector General Daniel Levinson wrote in the report that out of 109 physician-owned hospitals, 55 percent of the emergency room and had the majority of hospitals had only one ED bed. The report also noted 34 percent of of physician-owned hospitals do not meet Medicare requirements, a registered nurse be present at all times and that a doctor on call if none are on site.In addition, tocotrienol – treated patients in the the double-blind revealed, placebo-controlled study on humans downward trend at average of weight, body fat mass of, body fat content and waist. Study thus includes the potential for tocotrienols as a natural medicine to combating obesity.. The scientists discovered that gamma and delta of tocotrienols, of course palm oil, potent in reducing triglyceride level by 28 percent in the blood the subjects have supplement by two months ago.

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Scholars Singapore found that tocotrienol are the members of the vitamin E family, effective in reducing the levels of chain triglyceride, a form of fat in the blood of. Tall triglyceride is are closely linked with an increased risk of cardiovascular or metabolic illnesses.