29 MarGanglion: These appear as raised filled fluid lumps near the wrist or finger joints.

Ganglion: These appear as raised filled fluid lumps near the wrist or finger joints. They are noncancerous and usually develop along the tendons or joints of the wrist and hand. They are often painless, but not always. Ganglion can also cause pain, weakness or numbness in the hand, if it. Pressure on nerves in the vicinity of a joint The cause ganglion is unclear. The risk can be great for people with arthritis or injured joints and tendons in the hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome: with a vague with a vague pain in the wrist, hand or on your arm can begin. Other symptoms can include tingling or numbness in the fingers, especially at night. Over time, the hand may too weak or numb. Too much time on the keyboard is often blamed for this state. But any activity that repeats the repeated bending and stretching the tendons in the hand or wrist or extended and requires grasping, Triggerhand.2 diabetes mellitus Journal of Clinical Investigation: September 26, 2011Endocrinology: rare genetic condition gives an insight into the biological cells in diabetic concerned.

Studies of beta – cells of individuals to ATL teaches not only we the mechanisms of the disease, but rather can underlying mechanisms underlying mechanisms of type 1 and 2 diabetes, as as a result of loss of function beta cell. A team of scientists Jean Claude Jean-Claude Henquin, University of Louvain, Belgium has now in vitro, pancreatic tissue from patients with MSP and generated data not says from classic models of of beta cell functional analyzes able to be obtained.