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The Southeast Georgia Health System Bariatric Care Center is an American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence The Center meets the criteria of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association to participate in the Blue Distinction Centers established. For bariatric surgery http://www.generic-levitra.org . Incisionless About Incisionless Surgery – Incisionless Surgery is the next wave in minimally invasive surgery and is increasingly an option for patients Insurance and health care providers required for its potential to minimize pain, shorter hospital stays, lower treatment costs and eliminate visible external scars. Incisionless surgery, natural orifice Translumenal Endoscopic Surgery endolumenal, and single-port techniques includes , applied to bariatric surgery, cholecystectomy, appendectomy, GERD , gastrointestinal cancer and urological and gynecological procedures.

Georgia Coast Surgical Performs First Incisionless surgical correction of the errors Vertical banded gastroplasty Georgia Coast Surgical Peter Henderson is the first surgeon in the United States to incisionless surgery techniques and tools that allow a failed vertical banded gastroplasty correct . Henderson, Southeast Georgia Southeast Georgia Health System Bariatric Care Center is of this type of of this type of incisionless procedure on 27 Surgeon Dr. Harold L. Henderson MD supports the method. VBG the most common type of restrictive obesity surgery in the 1980s and 1990s was done. This procedure was to obtain mainly due to disappointing results in terms of weight again and placed a high rate of complications. This incisionless revision procedure offers a second chance, many of the thousands of patients for after VBG’s ineffective, Henderson said. Before creation incisionless surgery techniques for bariatrics, could these patients either do nothing and watch their health decline as they gained weight, or undergo painful, complex revision surgery, a significant risk because of the scar tissue building bear from their initial surgery. – Typically, a traditional VBG revision goes a long painful incision in the abdomen and weeks of recovery is to By eliminating skin incisions and the tedious dissection of scar tissue in the abdomen, this new incisionless risk risk of a traditional VBG revision Henderson explained. Moreover, this, like other incisionless methods, additional important advantages over open or laparoscopic procedures including reduced risk of infection and complications, less postoperative pain, faster recovery time and no abdominal scars offer. .

Will An vaccines against H1N1 influenza expected to be available this fall. With height and the time distribution of vaccine Release not still in question, policymakers priorities concerning the to fight should be be vaccinated if put. With a complex mathematical model, researchers examined that clinical and cost effectiveness of H1N1 vaccination in mid – October until mid-November 2009 determining. The researchers investigated hypothetical specimen of 8.3 million people by the age from 100 people in big UScity similar to New York City. The investigators found that vaccinating. 40 % the population of October or 35 % of November, as which vaccine later this year opposition would be save costs and could to shorten pandemic Experts are unanimous in that were to the majority of people with an effective vaccine of H1N1 to prevent most morbidity and mortality rates out of H1N1. The first ever Strategy short time frame to to make developing vaccines and projecting restricted vaccine supply , this strategy not simple. Researchers analysis points to that the vaccination will be valuable even if it attained fewer than half of the population. Expanded immunizations and antiviral prophylaxis are Efficient and inexpensive active against avian flu pandemic.

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