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Find this new study, which simultaneously chemotherapy chemotherapy radiation, the effect of both. Further increase in the dose of radiation, the course of treatment and increased survival rate. Patients are diagnosed with patients are diagnosed with stage III lung cancer, surgery is often not possible, and survival rates are generally quite low looking for new , improve survival, even in small increments, is crucial, ‘says senior author of study Feng – Ming Kong, associate professor of radiation oncology at the UM Medical School and director of radiation oncology at the VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System.

However, very few genes are found to be oscillating in the same phases in different tissues or organs. In fact, only about 5 % of all genes fall into the same phase or timing of peaks and valleys. Synchronization with the activity of other genes and genes in different organs is a very important and very specific portion of the gene function. In addition, genes can oscillate with different amplitude – the swing between the highest and the lowest point. Genes are expressed at very different levels, but most of them have the same relative change during the day. However, some gene show significant change in which amplitude in different organs or in response to a changing environment.Quark has is a fully integrated pharmaceutical development deck, the therapeutic target identification involves the development of medications. Its technology platform comprising novel drug targets and siRNA structures and Chemie, curd cheese freedom in of freedom in the siRNA of intellectual property ring operate. Quark mixture the delivery enables targeted Tissue and organ, including the eye, kidney, lung, spine and brain.. These include a trials. Willing clinical trials of QPI in 1002 Advancement.

Over Quark Pharmaceuticals, Quark Quark Pharmaceuticals is a leader in discovery and development of new RNAi therapeutics.