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Photonic stimulation is like ‘Star Trek ‘medicine – sounds like something from the future, the far-fetched to have in today’s world it. However, quantum healing with near infrared light photons today. Reality and is ready for mainstream in medical practice This powerful, effective, safe and cost-effective technology revolutionized medical treatment of pain, many neurological disorders, and a variety of musculoskeletal and soft tissue diseases. Many health problems that previously notoriously difficult or even impossible successfully manage successfully manage now benefit from photonic stimulation.Multicentre today announced Enrollment has completely for the largest atrial fibrillation outcomes trial The RE-LY survey.

The RE-LY study compares two blinded doses with oral dabigatran etexilate Dabigatran by warfarin in patients with previously atrial fibrillation of at moderately severe to high level of risk of stroke. Over 150,000 the standard treatment be to avoid stroke in these patients the vitamin K antagonists warfarin. Has that warfarin be currently prescribed for merely half of eligible patients. ,, Professor to the epidemiology cardiac and leader of the study coordination center at McMaster University Hamilton, said: ‘Patient recruitment into RE-LY has exceeded our original expectations is far. ‘.