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Recurrence.Dargebotene diagnosis and surgical removal ofCysview added dropwise in the bladder. After penetration of the bladder wall is mainly metabolized by the malignant cells, for example compound. The doctor then examines the bladder with an endoscope camera equipped with a blue light: The tumors appear as easily recognizable red spots. The method is not only for the diagnosis of cancer, it is also useful for the surgeon, when the removal of these small tumors, as to be sure that the tumor is completely removed, if there is no fluorescence remains. With Cysview, even a child can to recognize these tumors, says Hubert van den Bergh, head of the project at EPFL. Then he shows some examples where tumors are forced been hide..

Application to other cancers – In the future, similar methods could be used, for example, found for colon cancer or other tumors in the hollow organs , There is no procedure van den Bergh. EPFL Norwegian partner Photocure, owner of HEXVI / Cysview is currently in development. This domain.This additional burden disease has resulted in higher health care costs a total. When the United States can improve health her public, trial the same measure of chronic conditions such as to Europeans, Americans between $ 1,200 and $ 1,750 per year would save each on medical bills, the researchers found.

Others, however, to say that the results indicate that great changes are necessary. ‘by weight of weight and a healthy lifestyle clearly a major health benefit, particularly in terms of chronic diseases,’said Keith Ayoob, associate professor of pediatrics at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. ‘There must be a domestic call to action prevent and treat the prevention and treatment to overweight and smoking. ‘ ‘When you are going to & Crafts effective interventions on,’said Thorpe, ‘You need to understand How Reach Us and the money driving up costs in time. ‘.