28 MayChristiana Care Health System.

Christiana Care Health System, dating from 1888, is one of the region’s largest not-for profit healthcare, serving the people of Delaware and neighboring areas of Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A teaching hospital, Christiana Care is recognized as a regional center for excellence in cardiology, cancer and women’s health services, and Level I trauma care and Level-3 neonatal intensive care . Christiana Care operates two hospitals, transitional care, prevention and rehabilitation, a network of family physician offices and a wide range of outpatient and home health services. Christiana Care provided $ 25,000 of charity care in the last year.

The award annually recognizes a select group of community-based physicians who have teach us for family medicine on a part-time basis, and provides funds for each recipient a seminar, workshop or a scholarship visit to promote its development and educational abilities. Khan received his BA and MA degrees in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania, his MD from the University of Vermont College of Medicine, and his MHS ‘s degree in Public Health at the Johns Hopkins University. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont Residency Program and currently teaches in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, Christiana Care Health System.In all democracy bearer of hope for providing universal coverage pushing – do they differ, S shall be across achieving. Hitherto no one has them suggested it should be a healthcare plan be executed by the state, as is the case in countries like the UK. However, some commented that of State Hillary Clinton would – regulator suggestions from the individual S H. Big step toward universal coverage by took for citizens of the state – Romney is a Republican.

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