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Caused by prolonged, obstructed labour without timely medical intervention, the problem affects as many as 3.5 million women in the global world. The report Supporting Initiatives to get rid of Obstetric Fistula states that considerable progress has been achieved in addressing obstetric fistula. It draws attention to the linkages between poverty, income inequalities, gender disparities, discrimination and poor education, as these factors contribute to poor health in girls and females. Nevertheless, despite some positive advancements achieved, many serious problems remain. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Director of UNFPA, the US Population Fund, offers welcomed the new record.If a person with acne is wary of manufactured products, then they might decide on a home-made remedy or a treatment made from natural ingredients. However, there is absolutely no single remedy for all types of acne. Some acne skincare products might prove effective using one person, but might possibly not have any effect on another, or may cause the condition to worsen even. This can be because there is absolutely no such thing as a universal skin; hence, there is no universal zit answer. In order to avoid possible unfavorable reactions to a particular cure, it is important to know the type of medicine that will focus on a particular type of skin.