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14 AprHospital Compare assess hospital.

Hospitals pay – for-performance bonuses are awarded on the basis of their record in the provision of recommended care for some important conditions, including heart attack, heart failure and pneumonia. Hospitals that face no performance standards fines. Werner found that under this pay for performance system, a model that-net hospitals would have received smaller bonus payments and more will be penalized financially – a hit she theorizes harm ultimately its reputation and lead to cash shortfalls that they are not leave to invest in a position quality improvements like nurse staff and information technology such as electronic health records. Many of these clinics already plagued by financial problems, she says. They are at least willing to hit a fine continues continues behind the 8 – ball for making quality improvements and ultimately penalizing the patients who absorb the safety-net hospitals rely for their care.

Werner and her colleagues at the University of California at San Francisco analyzed as as ‘safety net’hospitals – facilities that are large populations with low income, minority and Medicaid patients are – delivered care compared to non-safety-net hospitals. The results, published this week in JAMA, that safety net hospitals had significantly smaller gains in care improves over time, and were less likely to be recognized for providing high quality care among the top facilities. Read more…

13 AprFABIO to achieve a process that is viable for the manufacturers of these products.

The project is focused TECNALIA Health Unit on the investigation of different biomaterials for the direct recovery of health products through rapid manufacturing technologies. These are the current materials to improvement structural, mechanical, physical, functional and biocompatible levels in a way that the materials developed by the project properties correspond have the natural materials of the human body. The materials obtained are characterized in the laboratory, that. During manufacture and in use.. FABIO to achieve a process that is viable for the manufacturers of these products, both for the quality of the results as well as for their functionality and financial and time resources.

But it is expanding its investigation last year after learning Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts, the state’s largest nonprofit health plan, made a $ 16,000 lump-sum retirement saying payments to former Chairman and Chief Executive William C. Van Faasen. First Assistant Attorney General David Friedman officials timely and accurate timely and consistent reporting compensation of executives compensation of executives at hospitals and insurance companies, to the reasons for the practice of paying board members to understand the insurer nonprofits nonprofits to separate the jobs of chairman and chief executive (Weisman.. The Boston Globe: In Massachusetts, state officials increase oversight of charitable healthcare company to investigate wage for employees. Read more…