25 MayCan be improved in the training of professionals.

WhiteThe Department of Health has asked the Care Services Improvement Partnership is working on a national evidence framework for assessing and managing risks the development of guidelines for the exchange of information between the authorities on high-risk patients and view of the nature of and thus, can be improved in the training of professionals.This program of work is to propose that supervised community treatment for people with mental health problems as part of the review of the Mental Health Act 1983 introduced links.

Also published today by the Department of Health had an independent review of homicides by people with serious mental illness committed by Professor Tony Maden of Imperial College London. It examines what went wrong in each case and make recommendations further tragedies further tragedies.Chairman and CEO of Mental Health America.

The summit, which take place 6th June in Mental Health America 2008 Conference will be by mental health professionals, advocates , organizations and researchers committed to feeding of a promotion and prevention next item for reducing the tragedy high speeds and attended will be profound impact of psychic health and substance abuse Service in the USA. There takes the leaders of in the area.