03 AprBut have we over-reacted to the present outbreak of swine flu?

But did we really need to construct this all pervading environment of dread and panic? Possess we learnt nothing from our over-response to SARS and Bird Flu when the media’s reaction totally swamped the epidemiological realities of two relatively small but significant epidemics among wildlife and transformed them in to the Black Death of the 21st century? A degree of fear is useful Perhaps, forcing people to consider precautionary behaviour and adopt personal avoidance strategies, however the line between what is ‘reasonable’ fear then one which produces widespread dread, anxiety and panic is a very blurred a single and over-stepped by the mass media frequently. While it is not in the media’s short to enquire into the effect that their stories have got on people, there appears little doubt that the mass media plays a defining role in how we observe swine flu.Antibodies against polioviruses and tetanus and diphtheria toxoids were initial detected at protective ideals 3 months following the third immunization in all patients except Patient 5. However, normal titers weren’t consistently detected in any of the examined patients at later time points, despite repeated immunization ; this was also the case for anti-VZV antibodies, which were not detected in five individuals 3 to 6 years after varicella infection. A particular antibody response to polysaccharide antigens was detected after immunization against Streptococcus pneumoniae, with a rise in the titer generally in most individuals that was a lot more than four situations as high because the titer before immunization; this elevated level persisted in three patients .