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Although needles and syringes are most commonly used to administer vaccines to recognize international authorities a growing need for ‘needle – free ‘alternative methods to avoid inadvertent disease from contaminated needles, accidental needle-stick injuries, thermal instability of current formulations and increase compliance with vaccination regimens. Active-Dry supercritical carbon dioxide has developed a technology to pharmaceutically active microparticles in vaccines, inhaled inhaled in a suitable size and stability to human produce used.. Because the ability of the body ‘s immune system to produce these antibodies is permanent permanent, it is believed NicVAX will also effective in preventing smoking relapse, a significant challenge to existing therapies for smoking cessation.

NicVAX, Nabi proprietary vaccine candidates developed for the treatment of nicotine addiction and prevent smoking relapse, has been developed the immune system the immune system to produce antibodies binding binding of nicotine and that in the brain. That this that this a ‘sponge’ nicotine as a ‘sponge’absorbing nicotine as it circulates in the bloodstream and preventing it from act reaches the brain. The positive impulses in the brain that is usually caused by nicotine is no longer present, thereby addictive properties addictive properties of nicotine and thus helps the people.With f an average 9 percent highest among the blacks despite drop in the rate of new cases each year from 2001 to 2004 (McKenna, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The rate of re HIV cases among blacks is has an average of 5 percent per year declined in 2001, fell from 88.7 cases per 100,000 people to 2001 to 76.3 cases per 100,000 in 2004 (Stobbe, AP / the Philadelphia Inquirer, however, black people was be in 2004 8.4 times more likely to as white people diagnosed with HIV.