13 FebAVI BioPharma.

.. AVI BioPharma, MDA to initiate exon-51 Stage 2 trial in Duchenne muscular dystrophy More than a decade of targeted Muscular Dystrophy Association-funded research, permitted due to generous general public support of the MDA Labor Day Telethon and thousands of grass-roots special events, has today culminated in MDA providing financial assistance for the start of the first Phase 2 placebo-controlled, multiple dose efficacy, protection, pharmacokinetics and tolerability clinical trial of an exon-51 skipping drug, eteplirsen, as a potential therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy .The meningitis prevention and control strategy was examined and endorsed by WHO’s Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization in April 2008 and by the GAVI Alliance Board in June 2008. ‘Money good spent’ ‘Vaccination with the brand new meningitis vaccine is cash well spent. Our initial investment of US$ 55 million towards a meningitis stockpile will greatly help push away additional outbreaks of the disease,’ said Dr Julian Lob-Leyvt, Executive Secretary of the GAVI Alliance. The GAVI Alliance is definitely a public-private partnership of main stakeholders in immunization including WHO, UNICEF, the global world Bank, developing nation and donor governments, research and technical agencies in the vaccine sector, civil culture and the Costs & Melinda Gates Base.