11 AprAre the complete results of this study on Tuesday.

###Are the complete results of this study on Tuesday, April 2008 presented at the annual meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society in Washington, DC. Biological basis for gender differences in language found Although researchers have long agreed that girls have better verbal skills than boys, until now no one biological basis biological basis, provided the account for the differences.

If the pattern of women relying on an abstract language network and of men on sensory areas of the brain up into adulthood. An unsolved question – it could explain why women give much more context and abstract representation than men Ask a woman for directions and you can hear something like: ‘turn on Main Street, ,, one block behind the drugstore, and then turn right where there. Flower shop on one corner and a cafe on the street ‘.Previous research suggested that driving and listening takes two of differnt portions of the brain and could independently from each other, allowing the driver which ‘multi-task ‘safe.

A passenger, on the other hand, because he or she is physical can be view in a car to the driver, when slightly desperately and driver attention stop talking to stop talking, is a situation which less likely to that social pressure be is set to the driver.