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Theonal Trial Of Novel Breast Cancer Drug With Mass General LedA clinical trial of a new targeted breast cancer drug by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center led enrollment has begun. The TEACH trial will experimental drug experimental drug Tykerb in patients with early-stage HER2-positive early breast cancer that is not used with Herceptin, another targeted drug for the same type of tumor treated køb Priligy . The MGH is the leading institution for the international study, currently sponsored by GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Tykerb. This study represents a further step toward understanding the role of targeted therapies in extending disease-free survival, said Paul Goss, director of Breast Cancer Research at the MGH Cancer Center, who proposed the TEACH study and chairs the International Steering Committee.

Year, andrs Toyota builds employee health clinic in the new facility to decrease health care costs decreaseIn an effort to contain spending on health care, is Toyota engine has a $ 9,000 hospital employees and their families in the new San Antonio truck plant in the Detroit build News reports. Will be is. ‘A wider range of treatments and services as a typical medical office works ‘, including eye care, dental care, pediatrics, laboratory tests and physical therapy, according to the News Toyota in the U.S. Health care costs the last five years the past five years to more than $ 11,000 per year, and factory workers, according to Ford Brewer, assistant general manager for health and wellbeing at Toyota North American manufacturing headquarters. The decision to provide more comprehensive services on site, which means that the company is more probably for basic care and drugs spending, but the additional cost should be offset by a decrease expensive hospitalizations and specialty care setting, according to Toyota. Makes perfect sense clinics also absences. The clinic, CHD CHD Meridian Healthcare , will be initially staffed by two full-time doctors and one part-time doctor, but Toyota expects that the medical staff in order to increase as many as seven doctors, when the plant ready for use full. By the spring, the plant will employ about 4,100 people. Toyota will. The success of the clinic by monitoring employees’ health indicators such as smoking cessation rates and blood pressure, and charges due to the persecution Toyota will not require employees to use the clinic, but leads to higher co-payments and deductibles go go elsewhere charge the treatment, according to the News. Comments San Antonio plant manager Hidehiko Tajima said that if the hospital is successful, ‘to spread the concept to other plants. ‘The company Harbour Harbour, president of Harbour Consulting, said: ‘From a cost control perspective, it makes perfect sense. ‘He added that the U.S. Automakers are frustrated by the rapidly rising cost of health care and ‘feel J.ery little control over the cost and how effectively the money is spent. This is an answer to ‘Auto industry experts say that privacy concerns to seek care in an enterprise -operated hospital could discourage some workers United Auto Workers spokesman Roger Kerson, who has not specifically comment on Toyota plant, said: ‘the main concern of our members is that the interests of the patient always come first in any health care system ‘.

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On carcinoid cancercarcinoid tumor, or carcinoids, originate in hormone-producing cells of the digestive tract, of the airways, the hepatobiliary systems and gonads. Is the most common site of origin is the GI, especially the small bowel. There are approximately 37,000 patients having carcinoid. Over 7,000 new cases will diagnosed with every year the number during the past 20-30 years. Carcinoid tumor which metastasize to the liver are. Traditional, chemotherapy relieves symptoms in less than 30 percent of cases of metastatic carcinoid tumor, usually to 1 years. Very few treatments which have been tested in this cancer have shown clinically meaningful efficacy. Carcinoid tumors often a condition called carcinoid syndrome , which is of hormones from the of hormones from the tumors the blood stream. Symptoms vary depending on the gastrointestinal from the tumors includes, but commonly Diarrhoea, flushing, wheezing, abdominal pain and valvular heart disease.


Forty and six of new drug treatments in the fight against Crab and the gastrointestinal:,: – Callisto Pharmaceuticals, Callisto Pharmaceuticals from type Full Phase II information of Atiprimod to Advanced Carcinoid Cancer order in ASCO introduced disorders, announced that it the interim analysis data of of the company ongoing open-label phase II trial of Atiprimod in advanced carcinoid cancer will, for 44th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology , which will take place in Chicago 30 May – June 3 be presented.