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For example, a rating in the report found that heart specialist nurses introduced to reduce all-cause admissions by an average of 35 %, and provides an average savings of 1 the individual, even after removing the cost of the nurse? Specialist in all areas of in all areas of the NHS, such as cancer, diabetes and mental health, treat the patient as a whole. They link their patient care and to show that this type of treatment the patient is better overall, while also saving the NHS money. By investing in the personal care of the NHS can reduce a lot of waste. Ciar n Devane, chief executive at Macmillan Cancer Support, said:.

Dame Helena Shovelton, British Lung Foundation ‘s Chief Executive, said: It is important when decisions on savings that we do not lose sight of of how we so this do with do with long term conditions the high-quality care and support that they need during their patient journey. These in this report in this report, followed and if the NHS could savings more focused and better treatment and care for all the millions of patients suffering from diseases such as COPD and asthma are affected. .‘One of the biggest challenges when treating GAD patients is treatment that not only efficient but also an that patients is able to tagay. ‘to the long term , said Philip Ninan, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, sciences and director of of the Mood and Anxiety Disorders Programme of Emory University School of Medicine.

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