25 MarAlthough other non electronic devices are used to measure vital functions.

Although other non – electronic devices are used to measure vital functions, they can inconvenient and expensive. And during optical technology already used for MRI monitoring, the patient must often between two or three different systems can be switched off, as they are moved between the different parts of the hospital.

OFSETH developing wearable textiles, integrated optical monitoring systems. The partners are suited to old systems for children between 1 and 5 years, focused ,, heart rate and the amount of oxygen in the blood. Sensor, which The photoconductive properties of an optical fiber to vary depending of its environment,’said Dr. Fran ois Narbonneau of Multitel, an independent research center based in Mons, who coordinates the project? ‘Measurement of the restrictions , which is transmitted on an optical fiber or by analyzing modifications of the signal characteristics in an optical fiber, it is possible set of parameters number of parameters.’.Click here if to learn morejust Animation germs with small moleculesYale Yale University scientists developed the cell walls of the Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, trickery it into involvement of foreign small molecule and its embedding in the cell wall. This finding, describes into the journal ACS Chemical Biology Added, represents the first scientists designed the cell wall of a pathogen ‘Gram-positive ‘germs – undertakings which do not simply on Staph infections but also a pneumonia, strep throat and many others. The discovery may pave the way be responsible for new methods to combat which bacterial to many of infectious diseases.

One end of its one end of its small molecule to a peptide sequence by the bacteria by the bacteria designed to containing At Staphylococcus aureus, said enzyme sortase A is responsible for fastening the proteins to cell wall. ‘We population of bacterium involvement in somewhat in their cell walls that it can not indeed deceived,’said David level, a Yale chemists who led the study. ‘It seems as when the cell thought in the last years could be seen his own protein instead of using it as something strange. ‘.