09 NovAfrica needs policies.

Africa needs policies, rules to spur development of innovative cellular phone-based applications Also needed work policies and regulations to spur development of innovative mobile phone-based applicationsThe fast-growing usage of cell phones in Africa – where many people lack the essential human necessities – has produced headlines worldwide the past few years vigrx oil . The astonishing boom has led to widespread speculation that cell phones could potentially transform the impoverished continent. But new study by economists Isaac M. Jenny and Mbiti C. Aker has found that cell phones – while a useful and powerful device for many people in Africa – cannot travel economic development on their own.

'We are convinced that AfriCoLeish combines the knowledge and expertise required to deliver new treatment plans that effectively address the dire needs of sufferers with kala-azar and those co-infected with kala-azar and HIV inside our countries', stated Dr Ermias Diro, Medical Coordinator, University of Gondar, Ethiopia. 'Simultaneously, the project will donate to strengthening capacities in our treatment centres', he added. The dissemination of AfriCoLeish project outcomes will facilitate uptake of brand-new treatments for kala-azar and for co-disease of kala-azar with HIV in East Africa, and can provide support to national programmes in the adoption of the new treatments. The improved treatment options will allow sufferers in East Africa to reap the benefits of safe, cost-effective, and shorter treatments, while also reducing the procedure costs for health providers..