26 NovAdenosine is the only approved treatment for PSVT in the United States click to read.

Currently, adenosine is the only approved treatment for PSVT in the United States. Duska believes that the initial dose of ATPace clearly more effective than the first labeled dose of adenosine in the termination of PSVT. While both ATP and adenosine inhibit AV nodal conduction, ATP is probably double have inhibitory effects, mediated by an adenosine, the product of its rapid enzymatic degradation of ATP, and the other a triggered vagal reflex click to read . Vagal maneuvers, such as Valsalva maneuver, aimed at improving the cardiac vagal tone and thus the suppression atrioventricular nodal conduction, have been used clinically to terminate tachycardia in certain cases.

Confirmed Already Battlefield Healthcare Battlefield Healthcare: – Major General Alan Hawley, Director General Army Medical Service, UK MoD – Colonel Stephen F. Flaherty, trauma consultant to the Surgeon General, Chief of Surgery, Landstuhl Regional Medical Center – Dr. Mehmet Eryilmaz, Associate Professor, Deputy Director of Emergency Medicine, Gulhane Military Medical Academy, Turkish Armed Forces – Colonel Jonathan Jaffin, Director, Warrior transition Office, U.S. Army – Dr Paul Bode suffering, trauma Radiology, University Medical Centre, the Netherlands – Dr Markus Koerner residence in Clinical Radiology at the University of Munich – Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Holman, S3 Medical Task Force, Brigade of the U.S. Army – Col. Brian Lein, Commander,is expected Applies for Phase 3 Special Protocol Assessment’The application for a SPA represents an important milestone in the development of ATPace,’stated James S. Duska CEO. ‘We believe that should the Phase 3 clinical trial with ATPace demonstrate the safety and efficacy of our drug in PSVT,’he added.

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