20 MayAddition of ECC probe to SOLiD Systems chemistry achieves greater than 99.

Life Technologies will show data supporting this groundbreaking accomplishment at its workshops at the upcoming interacting with of the American Society of Human Genetics . Scientists wishing to attend a special event can RSVP by going to>.. Addition of ECC probe to SOLiD System’s chemistry achieves greater than 99.99 percent single-read accuracy Life Technologies Company , a service provider of innovative life technology solutions, today announced that it has generated a new standard in accuracy for next era sequencing.How are individuals with advanced melanoma currently treated and why is there a dependence on new treatments for advanced melanoma? Currently, melanoma that has pass on is treated with drug therapy, which can be split into two main groupings: B-Raf inhibitors and immunotherapy brokers. B-Raf inhibitors focus on a specific abnormality inside the cell arising from mutations in the BRAF gene, which are found in about forty % of melanomas. B-Raf inhibitors often work very quickly to control melanoma but the issue is that melanomas generally become resistant to these medications after about six months. Therefore, as the development of these drugs is a big breakthrough, level of resistance poses a nagging problem. The main immunotherapy agent we are actually using to take care of advanced melanoma is usually ipilimumab .