15 NovActor and activist William McNamara joins new mass media mothership TalkNetwork.

William’s TalkNetwork.com program, The Accidental Activist, appears light on the surface but gets to deep using his unassuming and non-confrontational style and manner. With or with out a guest, William often seems to unintentionally come upon some hidden truth. Listeners are surprised and at each unraveling conspiracy aghast. He might actually feign shock and stay skeptical until each stage is confirmed beyond a shadow of doubt.However, he cautioned that SBRT needed further research in clinical trials to fully capture quality and survival of existence measures. Prostate cancer may be the number 1 cancer diagnosed in men. I applaud MEDCAC for learning this important concern and appreciate the opportunity to take part in the forum, Dr. Zietman said.

Abortion industry execs discuss how to manage profits of selling ‘fresh’ gonads harvesting from individual baby boys in investigative video U.S.