13 AprActiva RC provides the first and only rechargeable device in the world.

Activation DBS therapy devices provide a slight electrical stimulation the target areas in the brain responsible for the control of the movement. Activa RC provides the first and only rechargeable device in the world, freed from patients undergoing surgery battery for almost a decade, in some cases up to five times longer than the previous device.

In addition to patient benefits, the use of Medtronic DBS therapy has also been shown to provide significant savings to the health care system. For example, using the drug in patients with Parkinson’s disease need by DBS, and minimizes the need for follow-up visits for patients with dystonia once optimal therapeutic settings have been determined, research has shown significant savings in cost and time for them. .The Canadian Institutes of Health Research be the Government of of the Canadian market of health research. CIHR mission is to to establish new scientific knowledge and to catalyze the implementation in improved health, more effectively health services and products, and of a stronger Canadian healthcare system. Consisting of 13 institutes, CIHR offer leadership and support at nearly 12,000 health researchers and apprentice across Canada.