29 NovAccording to previous reports in Circulation and the New England Journal of Medicine.

According to previous reports in Circulation and the New England Journal of Medicine, diastolic heart failure is a significant health problem. Once at the hospital, patients with diastolic heart failure have a 50 % chance of rehospitalization within six months. It is estimated that the cost of treating patients for diastolic heart failure exceeds 3500000000 $ per year.

Cholesterol-lowering reduced mortality in patients with heart failure? Apparently, it cancholesterol-lowering statin therapy, the survival rate in patients with diastolic heart failure to improve according to a paper published in Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association by cardiologists at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center.– Ensure the provides evidence – supplied based services of trained professionals with adequate supervision Rooney further. The new strategy the of the developing and formation of a skilled labor to deliver these services provide at the future, but also promote the role of research and service evaluate programs, know and understandingly as best to increase psychological well-being. .

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